Fab Banana Plum Mango Yogurt Smoothies

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Fab Banana Plum Mango Yogurt Smoothies

This green smoothie recipe of combining banana, plum, mango and yogurt with spinach is tasty, filling and healthy! They are easy to make and convenient for a grab and go snack. Or sit and enjoy with a spoon.

Easy recipe: Serves 2
 1 cup water
 3 oz lite plain or greek yogurt (featured here is Yoplait lite vanilla greek yogurt)
 1 lime, freshly squeezed (optional)
 2 cups organic spinach
 1 banana
 1 plum
 1/2 mango
 1/2 mango, diced

Preparation instructions
Blend all ingredients except the half diced mango. Pour smoothie into a cup and top with diced mango

Calories: about 170 per serving