Hello. I’m Lilia Brown. Here is my story:

Lilia Brown Every week I was working up to 70 hours and averaging 15 hours of commuting in insane LA traffic. Additionally, my work as a graphic designer requires that I sit at my computer all day.

Needless to say, this combined with “stress eating”, conspired to help me pack on the pounds. By the end of 2013, I was officially overweight…way overweight!

Furthermore, I am no longer a spring chicken either (meaning I’m nowhere near my 20’s!). On occasion, thoughts of my own mortality began to enter my mind. This, coupled with the weight gain, led me to imagine myself in a hospital bed hooked up to machines with health-related illness.

I was wasting precious hours commuting that could have been better spent hanging with my husband and friends, reading a book, or going for long sunset walks.

This was a pivotal point in my life. I had to decide that feeling sorry for myself was not a sustainable path and it would only keep the vicious cycle of doubt and regret going. I needed a serious change…and fast! So, first I assessed my problems:

  • Food had become my way of coping with my busy schedule and workload.
  • Exercise? I was not a fan!
  • I feared what the future might bring.
  • I doubted that I could achieve the dreams I had.

Second, I needed to take that first, initial step toward achieving my goals. This is how the idea of transforming myself with my Flab to Fab campaign came about. I thought, “What if I kept my solutions simple and doable?”

  1. Food: I love to eat and I love big portions. What if I start by reducing my portion size by one or two meals a day?
  2. Exercise: I don’t like to exercise. What if I start by walking around the block for 10 minutes a day?
  3. Time: I was wasting my downtime with things that weren’t furthering my goals. What if I managed my time better?
  4. Dreams: I doubted that I could achieve the dreams I had. What if I dreamed big dreams and built upon them with small steps?

Flab or Fab Lists Flab or Fab is a simple way of questioning whether the decisions or choices I am making with my health, dreams, relationships, time, etc. are going to help me achieve my goals.

I read somewhere that success is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, I am sharing what I am learning along the way and hoping that it will encourage you and vice versa.

Hopefully, this journey will also help me overcome my fear of writing as English is not my first language. Please be patient with any craziness or grammatical train wrecks that may ensue! I even have my wonderful husband and friends assisting me in cleaning up my writing. What sweethearts!

My goal with the Flab or Fab Facebook page is to add daily lifestyle posts to Facebook page. They will mainly focus on eating healthy, dreams, quotes, and whatever else comes my way. I hope it will provide insight and inspiration to help elevate our lifestyles.

Thanks so much for taking an interest in Flab or Fab. I hope your journey is a Fab-ulous one!