Avocado Tomato Cream Cheese Roll

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Avocado Tomato Cream Cheese Roll
If you have busy schedule like me, I’m always thinking of an easy way to prepare snacks using less ingredients. 
Here is a 4 ingredient recipe using avocado, tomato, cream cheese and tortillas Feel free to substitute one or more ingredients.

Easy recipe: Serves 2
 2 whole grain soft tortillas (about 8 inches in diameter)
 3 oz soft cream cheese (featured here is the Neufchâtel Cheese by Challenge brand)
 1 avocado, thinly sliced
 3/4 cup of grape tomatoes, quartered (or 1 regular size tomatoes, diced)

Preparation instructions
 Warm tortillas in microwave for about 20 seconds and place them on flat surface, such as cutting board 
 Spread cream cheese onto each tortillas
 Add avocado and tomatoes on cream cheese spreading them like you would for a pizza
Roll each tortillas and slice them into finger food size

Calories: about 370 per serving
Enjoy this healthy yet delicious avocado tomato cream cheese roll!